Official Rules of ²CW

  1. No hacks, glitches, mods, or any other form of cheating will be permitted.
  2. Your created superstar must be your own; you may not use another person's created superstar without their consent.
  3. Matches must be played in a realistic manner; no spamming moves, exploiting the game, or doing anything else that makes the game unfair/unrealistic.
  4. The Finisher Rule: if your opponent does five(5) or more finishers to you, you must accept loss by pinfall, unless instructed otherwise.
  5. No explicit content on custom superstars: Superstars attires shall not contain any sort of nudity or vulgar language.
  6. Promos, commentary, announcing: you may not use any vulgar, offensive, or sexual language.
  7. No harrassing/bullying other members of the league. Do not discriminate another person about ANYTHING.
  8. Be respectful to everyone in the league.
  9. Everybody gets equal opportunity in 2CW. Do not ask for any sort of push/promotion. Your time will come if you are patient.
  10. No advertising of other leagues, without asking a staff member first. We are typically open to checking out other leagues and doing collaberations.
  11. These rules are subject to change at any time. By being a member of this league, you agree to follow all of the rules listed.
  12. Failure to follow these rules, dependiing on severity, will lead to being suspended from the league or banned from the league. Typically, if you break a less severe rule, you will just get jobbed for a while ;)